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 Repression in Turkey

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PostSubject: Repression in Turkey   Sun Sep 24, 2006 1:13 pm

I just read in german (on german indymedia) about repression in Turkey against leftists, journalists, workers and women activists. The german text speak about more than 100 peoples who were sent to jail. I'm sorry but i did not find news about it in french or english, maybe the comrades from Turkey could tell us more about it ?

The german text also, don't explain really about this case, just speak that the State used the new "anti-terrorist" law, and gives names of people who were arrested. According this text, arrested people are for instance from the "Socialist Platform of the Oppressed", from the Limter-Is Union of Port Workers or Tekstil-Sen (textil workers union) in Istanbul...

The text in german :

Of course, i hope all is Ok for Devrim...

The basis of socialism is the human being.
Socialism is the movement to restore human being's conscious will.

Mansoor Hekmat
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PostSubject: Re: Repression in Turkey   Tue Sep 26, 2006 9:22 pm

th target of the arrests is the illegal marxist leninist communist party. all the other groups mentioned are its front groups. it's very hard to operate under these laws for any anti-capitalist group. there are some small solidarity demos and press declarations.
even the massive kurdish movements suffers from it. they had a relatively low mass in the 1st september (world peace day) demo which traditionally identified with them.
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Repression in Turkey
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