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 Structure, Framework and the Tasks of the Freedom Guards

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PostSubject: Structure, Framework and the Tasks of the Freedom Guards   Thu Oct 05, 2006 9:50 pm

Adopted by the Leadership Committee of the WPI-Hekmatist, May 2006


There have not been many junctures in history, like the period we live in, that the unbridled militarism and military power, massacre and wars that defy the “logic of frontal wars” undermine the humanity and the Iranian society.

The military power of the West lead by the US and its capacity to inflict total destruction and inhalations of communities on one hand and the capacity and ruthlessness of the Islamic and other religious and ethnic groups to kill and obliterate on the other hand are increasingly endangering the lives of millions of people in Iran. Under these circumstances all the communist organisations and parties are duty bound to prepare and empower people to face up to these difficulties. Building the Freedom Guards is one such measure initiated by the Hekmatist Party.

Building and organising the Freedom Guards constitutes an important element of our attempt to weaken the Islamic Republic and facilitate its downfall and as such it forms an important means towards seizing political power. Furthermore in the context of the current political situation and the threat of the US attack against Iran it serves as a vital policy for the Hekmatist Party.

The Freedom Guards is an apparatus with which the working class and our Party can, during the process of ousting the Islamic Republic and in its aftermath, safeguard the political, social and economic security of the society. Furthermore the Freedom Guards would also serve, at the hands of the people, as a means of exercising their sovereignty and eliminating the interference of the various armed political gangs from their lives. The Freedom Guards must provide the foundation for such a way of empowering people and our Party.


1- The Units of the Freedom Guards in each locality are part of the local Party organisation that operate under the auspices regional committees. Therefore the formation and direction of the units of Freedom Guards fall to the Communist Committees in the neighbourhoods. Under the current circumstances the units of the Freedom Guards can be formed by the All Iran Organisation Committee as well as by volunteers willing to take on the task of forming units. Such units will liaise directly with the All Iran Organisation Committee.

2- The units of the Freedom Guards whether formed by the Communist Committees or by the All Iran Organisation Committee must operate independently from other sections of the Party. The separation of the Freedom Guards from the other sections is to prevent police infiltration and raid from one section to another section of the Party. The policy governing the organisation of the units of the Freedom Guards is based on decentralisation.

3- The Freedom Guards will expand through networks linked to the Communist Committees and primarily amongst the youths. The freedom Guards is the basis for the popular arming of masses around the Party and the formation of the mass militia and is one of the main vehicles for organising people especially young people in neighbourhoods and districts.


1- The presence of the units of Freedom Guards in areas where they operate must lead to opening up the social, cultural and political environments for the people and contrived for the regimes agents and the undesirable elements.

2- The existence and the presence of the Freedom Guards in any place should result in an increase in the popularity of the humanitarian values of the FG. The presence of the Freedom Guards should result in the expansion of people’s rights, the rights of women, the rights children the freedom of expression, cultural freedom and the increase in co-operation and unity amongst people. Consequently attempts to publicise and promoting and advocating the articles of the Declaration of the Universal Rights of Human and the Declaration on the Overthrow of the Islamic Republic should become the main demands and preoccupation of the people and particularly the youth

3- The presence of a unit of the Freedom Guards in a neighbourhood, in a factory, in a university or a city must raise the level of awareness to the dangers of the disintegration of communities and the ways to stop it.

4- The units of the Freedom Guards first and foremost will prevent anyone or any group from forcibly impose themselves on the people. Constant and ceaseless exposure of groups and organisations that try to prolong the life of the Islamic Republic and at the same time endeavour to spread the humanitarian and the egalitarian ideals.

5- Further to the agitation and political activities the FG will provide the practical means to safeguard the security of the people . The FG will be responsible for safeguarding the lives and livelihood of the people the fabrics of the civil society against the intrusion and interference of dark forces. In short the FG should unite and organise the people and in particular the youths in an attempt to acquire the capacity to defend themselves against the adversaries.

6- The units of the Freedom Guards must extend the influence of the party amongst the masses.

7- The units of the FG should ultimately arm themselves and in order to achieve this they need to identify the military institutions, army barracks and the security forces in an attempt to infiltrate them. With the threat of the Us attack the units of the FG should provide guidance and leadership to arm people and initiate the establishment of popular self defence and self aid institutions in their attempt to arm themselves and advocates the party’s policies.

8- The units of the FG do not have to be armed at the beginning but should take up arms as the political situation permits. The units of the Freedom Guards should try to identify sufficient amount weaponry to arm themselves.

9- Infiltration into the armed forces and encouraging the leftists and the communists elements to join the FG and obtaining intelligence on the military institutions and seek the cooperation of dissident elements within them.

10- The units of the FG must maintain their contacts with the Party (Communist Committee or the All Iran Organisation Committee)

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Structure, Framework and the Tasks of the Freedom Guards
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