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 Young Communist in Israeli Military Prison

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PostSubject: Young Communist in Israeli Military Prison   Mon Nov 13, 2006 11:57 pm

Yesterday, November 5, 2006, Omri Evron and Yakir Peretz returned to the Israeli army's national induction center near Tel Aviv and refused to be enlisted for a second time. Each had already spent 14 days in Military prison 4. Both Omri Evron and Yakir Peretz were sentenced for another term of 14 days.

Yakir Peretz, has said that he refuses to be part of an occupation army. I have the right not to be in the army and they are, at the moment, depriving me of that basic human right. Even if we were talking of an army of angels, I would not be obliged to support any armed struggle.

Omri Evron, a member of the Young Communist League of Israel (Banki), refused to enlist and to wear a uniform and received, as during his previous imprisonment, additional punishment for this: he was put in solitary confinement. He commented: I refused to wear a uniform because I am not prepared to consider myself a soldier. Omri explains that he opposes the ongoing military occupation of the Palestinian people, an occupation that further entrenches and aggravates the hatred and terror
between the two peoples. Since, during his previous term, he was left in his underwear for some time and deprived of his right to have books throughout, lawyers and activists are monitoring his situation closely. As for Omri's right to have books in solitary confinement - the prison authorities conceded he could have "holy books" and initially provided him with a Jewish prayer book. As a result of pressure from family, friends and lawyers, he eventually received "holy books" from various religions, like the Bible, Qur'an, and New Testament. Lawyers are communicating with the army to ensure Omri's right to books will be upheld.

In support of the occupation refusers and COs, you may write to them at the addresses below. Letters of protest can be sent to the Minister of Defense - as below.

Write to Omri Evron
Military ID: 6153157
Military Prison 4,
Military Mail 02507
IDF. Israel

Write to Yakir Peretz
Military ID: 5346056
Military Prison 4
Military Mail 02507
IDF, Israel

Write to the Minister of Defense

Amir Peretz, Ministry of Defense, 37 Kaplan St, Tel
Aviv 61909, Israel
pniot@mod.gov.il or sar@mod.gov.il

or fax to:
03 6916915; 03 691 6940

The basis of socialism is the human being.
Socialism is the movement to restore human being's conscious will.

Mansoor Hekmat
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Young Communist in Israeli Military Prison
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