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 Statement of the Communist Party of Israel about the war

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PostSubject: Statement of the Communist Party of Israel about the war   Sun Aug 20, 2006 7:42 pm

Immediate ceasefire!
Pull back Israeli soldiers from Gaza and Lebanon!
Bombs inflict disaster and discourage peace!

The violent lunacy headed by the generals of the Israeli Army, and the "No negotiation" policy of Prime Minister Olmert and Defence Minster Peretz, returns to hurt the citizens of Israel as a boomerang.

The war in Gaza Strip, ongoing for two weeks, which takes the lives of many dozens of Palestinians, and the launched war on Lebanon only destabilizes more the situation of the citizens of Israel and costs, till now, the lives of 11 Israeli soldiers and one woman.

Instead of finding a negotiable local solution to the problem of the capturing of four Israeli soldiers, the Kadima-Labor government traps Israel in a wobbly war on the Palestinians and on Lebanon.

We warn of the visible dreadful results of the invasion to Lebanon and the planed attack on Syria, both coordinated with the Bush administration, leading to another wide regional war.

The Political Bureau of CPI demands from Olmert's government to agree without delay to the immediate ceasefire proposals in both the North and the South of the Israel, to stop at once the bombing and artillery, to stop the killing of civilians and the starvation of children. We demand the stop of the siege of Gaza, the opening of the commercial crossings and to allow uninterrupted supply of food, medicines and fuel to the Palestinian population of the Gaza strip, threatened with a humanitarian disaster.

The CPI reemphasize, that the policy of the occupation, bombings and "convergence" tricks endangers the lives and the future of both peoples, the Israeli and the Palestinian. This policy is responsible for war crimes against the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples and harms the security of the residents of Israeli town Sderot and the inhabitants living next to the northern border.

We call upon all peace seekers, Jews and Arabs, to increase their struggle for the political solution, based on a complete dismantling of the settlements, the withdrawal of the Israeli army from all the territories occupied in 1967, the establishment of a Palestinian state with its Capital in East Jerusalem, alongside Israel, and the solution of the refugees question according to UN resolutions.

Only pulling back Israeli soldiers from Gaza and Lebanon and a just and stable peace would stop the bloodshed and guarantee the security of all peoples in the Middle East.

July 13th 2006

Statement of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Israel

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Statement of the Communist Party of Israel about the war
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