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 Updates from the Vahed Union (Teheran transport workers)

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PostSubject: Updates from the Vahed Union (Teheran transport workers)   Wed Sep 13, 2006 10:53 am

It has been 8 months since more than 50 of our colleagues have been unjustly and unlawfully suspended for defending workers’ basic rights. They have been living without any wages or income in a very severe and unpleasant situation, and, furthermore, their family insurance benefits have also been expired.

Despite all this, they are still standing firm for workers’ legal, trade union and collective rights.

Dear colleagues,

Even though you are entitled to more benefits and rights than you are getting now, but you know well that the recent increase in the wages and salaries, even the salaries of the Security members and members of the Islamic Shora (council) who are hostile toward us, became possible because our syndicate members and their families had to endure imprisonment, beatings and loss of jobs. This is a reality so evident to all conscious people that cannot be denied. These fellow workers instead of just talking walked in defense of workers’ rights.

With the new school year approaching in the month of May (September 23-October 22), let’s defend and safeguard our rights by providing financial support to our union advocates and supporters.

We therefore urge all of you to provide financial assistance directly to the Syndicate and receive the Syndicate’s official receipt, or pay to the account number 732280 at the Bank Melli Iran, Tehran-e- Nou Branch- code number 134- payable at all branches of the Bank Melli, with the names of Messrs Madadi, Razavi and Gholami. We emphasize once more that supporting our fellow union members is in fact defending our rights and that of our families.

In conclusion, we acknowledge that defending the collective rights of workers is hard and troublesome; however, education, consciousness, unity and solidarity as well as workers’ persistent courage would make this path more smoothly.

On the eve of Mehr, let us increase our kindness.

The Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (Sherkat-e Vahed)


The basis of socialism is the human being.
Socialism is the movement to restore human being's conscious will.

Mansoor Hekmat
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Updates from the Vahed Union (Teheran transport workers)
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