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 EXTREMELY URGENT - Save Kobra Rahmanpour from execution

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PostSubject: EXTREMELY URGENT - Save Kobra Rahmanpour from execution   Sun Sep 17, 2006 6:37 pm

A Father's Desperate Plea to Save the Life of His Young Daughter

My name is Abolfazl Rahmanpour, and I am Kobra Rahmanpour's father. I am writing to ask you to voice your objection to the unjust death sentence of my daughter. (...)

Before getting married, Kobra had a difficult life. After marriage, not only was she unable to find peace or happiness, but she was subjected to a life that was even more brutal. The extent of problems and abuse that Kobra endured in a household where she was first a maid and then a bride, forced a kind girl such as Kobra to become involved in a physical altercation, during which she had no choice but to defend herself an act that led to the death of her abuser.

Since then, Kobra has spent the best years of her teenage and young life in jail on death row. (...)

Please lend your support to my family, to my handicapped child who constantly asks for her sister, Kobra, and to the rest of Kobra's relatives and loved ones who are horrified by the prospect of the execution our kind and beautiful child, our beloved Kobra. We ask that you sign the petition to save Kobra's life, even though we realize that we do not have much time left. Yet, during these last hours, we plead with you to lend us a helping hand: By signing this petition, please voice YOUR objection to Kobra's unjust punishment and support our efforts to save her life.

To sign the petition :

Read the full text in english :

Read the text in french :

Read the text in german :

Information in farsi there :

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EXTREMELY URGENT - Save Kobra Rahmanpour from execution
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